Thanks to its dry climate and generous sunshine, the Upper Venosta Valley produces excellent quality grapes. Above Burgusio/Burgeis, at an altitude of 1,340 m lies the highest vineyard in Europe. On the steep south-facing slopes surrounding the Marienberg Abbey, the lush vines thrive even at high altitudes. The warm days alternating with cool nights enhance the sugar content, yielding a sharp acidity and fruity flavour. The grapes harvested at the Abbey vineyards are processed in the Calvenschlössl Cellar by the Van den Dries family of winemakers. Thanks to eco-friendly practices the wine is thus able to develop its natural qualities while respecting nature.

Wines of excellent quality are also produced in the village of Sluderno/Schluderns and in the environs. On the Engelsberg Estate, winemaker Elmar Luggin makes red and white wines such as Zweigelt and Müller Thurgau. And at the Tälerhof farm, at the foot of the Churburg Castle, special spirits are made from rare types of fruit. The farm uses “forgotten” types like Ida Red, Kanda Renette and Gravensteiner for its apple wine and apple sherry.