Mountain pastures have shaped the landscape of the Upper Vinschgau since ancient times and are closely linked to the cultural history of the region. In the past, the alpine pastures accommodated travellers and pilgrims. Dairy cattle breeding, including the production of butter and cheese, has always been an integral part of the Vinschgau alpine agriculture.

Even today, natural dairy products such as butter, yoghurt, curds and cream, but above all the excellent alpine cheese and local specialities such as "Graukas", are produced on the alpine pastures of the Upper Vinschgau. The cheese is harvested and processed by hand as in the old days. Val Venosta alpine cheese is produced in two varieties: as soft cheese or as harder cheese. Both are artisan cheeses and the alpine hut of origin is indicated on each individual cheese wheel. Every year, the Vinschgau alpine cheese wins numerous prizes.
The milk comes exclusively from the alpine cows. For this reason, it is best to taste and buy the cheese directly from the alpine dairyman. On mountain farms in the Upper Vinschgau there are usually ten to twelve cows in the cowshed. They are fed GMO-free fodder in summer and winter.

The managed alpine pastures in the Upper Vinschgau are also popular stops for hikers and bikers in summer and for winter sports enthusiasts in the cold season. Spacious sun terraces invite you to relax and taste Upper Vinschgau specialities.