Waalwege is the German name for the characteristic hiking trails in the Venosta Valley, which run without significant inclines along the hill at the foot of the high mountains. They are the paths along which run along the narrow water channels, that were dug many centuries ago and were used to irrigate the fields until the 19th century. Today, the irrigation channel paths are among the most popular hiking trails in South Tyrol.

The paths are popular hiking trails for families, moderate hikers and everyone who wishes to enjoy the unique flora and fauna in the entire valley. There used to be 300 irrigation channels in the Upper Venosta Valley but today, only a dozen of these are still accessible. The Leitenwaal, Berkwaal und Oberwaal are navigable year round. The Turnaunawaal in Tubre in Val Monastero/Taufers im Münstertal also offers spectacular panorama views of the valley and the high mountain ranges.