The traditional markets in the Venosta Valley take place on specific days of the year and represent a social event for locals as well as visitors.

In Rhythm with the Year
In the spring the Georgimarkt, the most popular garden market, takes place as well as the Spring Market in Sluderno/Schluderns. The St. Veith market in Tarces/Tartsch and the traditional Rosary Market in Skuderno/Schluderns should also not be missed. The traditional Gollimorkt market in Malles/Mals takes place in October, which dates to the granting of permission by Catherine de Medici in the 16th century, as does the traditional Londsprooch market in Laudes/Laatsch. Every year in November, the entire valley meets at the Sealamorkt, the traditional All Souls’ market held in Glorenza/Glurns.

It’s also worth a visit to the themed Arcade Markets in Glorenza which take place in May, August, September and October. The theme markets take place in the historic Laubengasse.