The Eight-Churches hike

General description

Eight churches from various eras, along a well-signed circular trail in Taufers i. M.

Route description

The hike starts at the St. Johann church at the eastern entrance to the town with parking area and bus stop. From this old hospice church, a hiking trail leads up to St. Michael's Church (parish museum) and the parish church of St. Blaise. The hike continues along the Tellahöfe street, then turn left through the forest to St. Martins chapel. From there, a path leads to St. Martin trail, continue in the direction of the sports ground, turn left down towards Petnal, and turn right on the Mühlweg trail to St. Anthony's Church. From the St. Antony's hill again downhill on the Mühlweg trail, turn onto the St. Nikolausweg trail, continue to the main street, where the St. Nicholas Church is. Continue right on the main road towards the border. Turn left before the border to Puntweil, down to St. Rochus church. Now cross the Rambach brook and take the bike path out of the valley to Rivaira/Rifair to St. Valentine's Church. From Rivaira/Rifair a well signposted trail leads back to Tubre/Taufers to the car park, a bit shorter is the way to the bus station Rivaira/Rifair at the district heating plant.
Refreshments: in the restaurants in Tubre in Val Monastero/Taufers im Münstertal.

Duration 2:02 h
Length 6.734 km
Difficulty easy
Difference in height uphill 286 hm
Difference in height downhill 286 hm
Difference in height 1310 m
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