On a journey of discovery through “Prader Sand”

General description

The pine forest “Kultur”, the unique torrential stream landscape of the River Solda and dry floodlands of the “Prader Sand” can be experienced via three loop roads with a total length of 4.8 km. 19 interactive stations as well as information tables offer fun and sensory experiences. The loop roads can be walked separately or combined.

Route description

The starting point of the nature trail is at the seedling nursery of Prato, near the public swimming pool. The trails can be accessed via the fishing ponds and below the sports grounds of Prato.

Duration 1:08 h
Length 4.492 km
Difficulty easy
Difference in height uphill 21 hm
Difference in height downhill 21 hm
Difference in height 905 m
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Family Hikes
There are numerous and varied family-friendly hiking opportunities in the vicinity of Prato allo Stelvio/Prad am Stilfserjoch. Thematic hiking trails for children explain the local nature and provide insights into the fauna and flora of the forest. These hiking trails, along with many adventure trails and water course hiking trails around the Stelvio National Park in Venosta Valley, are all ideal for families and leisurely hikers.
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From simple scenic walks to Alpine mountain hikes: numerous hiking trails crisscross the valley and mountains of the Venosta Valley holiday region.
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