The Vinschger Paarl is the staple bread type of the Venosta Valley and is usually eaten together with speck all across South Tyrol. Alongside the ‘Schüttebrot’, it is perhaps the best-known bread type in the region. The wheat and rye flour, utilized in the making of the original Vinschger Paarl, is grown and milled locally. Since the 16th century, the Venosta Valley was already renowned as the Granary of Tyrol.

The Winkelhof Farm at Prato allo Stelvio/Prad am Stilfserjoch
As Alois Burger says: “We’ve been farmers for generations”. In the past few years the range of produce made at Winkelhof has been augmented. Apart from traditional livestock breeding and dairy production, the cultivation of wheat, rye and spelt have also been introduced on the farm, which lies at an altitude of 915 meters. The cereals are milled and processed on the farm in keeping with centuries-long traditional methods for the making of bread. In the shop located on the Winkelhof farm, one can also try and buy the traditional Vinschger Paarl bread accompanied, of course, by speck ham and other local cold meats.