Here in Venosta Valley you will find tourist attractions, castles and churches with frescoes and artworks from more than 10 centuries of history. Early Romanesque churches along the old trade route Via Claudia Augusta link together at the foot of the high alpine scenery to form a unique cultural landscape.

Beneath the snowy peaks of the Stelvio National Park, there’s a beautiful natural and cultural landscape with a unique and rich culture, made up of several proto-Romanesque churches flanking the ancient Via Claudia Augusta trade route. The Romanesque Road is a Swiss-sponsored cultural project, which, together with Stairways to Heaven, retrace the history of these mountain churches.

With the Romanesque St. Johann Church and the ruins of the Lichtenberg Castle, the village of Prato/Prad offers visible testimony of the conflicts and events of the past. Examples of outstanding contemporary art and architecture are the Maria Königin Church and the aquaprad National Park Visitors Center.