Prato/Prad is the ideal starting point for motorcycle rides along the border between Italy, Switzerland and Austria. The Stelvio road, the queen stage of the Alpine mountain pass roads, is one of the most scenic and spectacular routes in the Alps.

The slopes on both sides of the pass reach a gradient of almost 12%. The road is passable from mid-June to late October, depending on the snow. Between Gomagoi after Prato and the Stelvio Pass (2,758 m), there are 48 hairpin bends, which turn this road into one of the most winding and famous roads on Earth. Once bikers have reached the pass, they have a great view of the Ortles (3,905 m a.s.l). With the Stelvio pass and the Gavia Pass, this area boasts two the highest mountain passes in Italy.

An extraordinary Alpine trip for motorcycle enthusiasts is the continuation of the pass road from the Stelvio pass to the Gavia pass, on the course of which bikers cross the Stelvio National Park. The route continuing from Bormio to Ponte di Legno is 43 km long. The road descends with 4 hairpin bends to the Negro lake, followed by 11 more hairpin bends up to the Passo del Tonale (on 1,883 m a.s.l.).