Most of the Stelvio National Park is located in Venosta Valley in South Tyrol. The Stelvio National Park is home to all Alpine climate zones, from the mild temperatures in the valley bottom at 650 m in Laces/Latsch to the high Alpine glacier areas beyond the timber line at just under 4,000 m altitude. To help showcase this diversity to the public, five national park visitors centers have been established, covering the history, geology, flora and fauna of the region.

The head office of the park administration is located in Glorenza/Glurns. Four national park visitor centers are located in Venosta Valley: naturatrafoi, aquaprad, culturamartell, avimundus (an additional one, the lahnersäge, is situated in Ultental Valley). These four centers each illuminate a different geological, ecological or cultural aspect of this magnificent ecosystem. The aquaprad visitors center in Prato/Prad is dedicated to the element of water in the Stelvio National Park, while naturatrafoi in Trafoi offers fascinating insights into the geology, flora and fauna of the Ortler group. avimundus in Silandro/Schlanders is dedicated to birdlife, while culturamartell in Val Martello highlights the rural cultural life of the region.