In the Upper Venosta Valley, snowshoe hikers will find a huge variety of well-marked hiking trails and mountain paths with rest and relaxation spots en route to the Alpine pastures. These range from forest walks and hikes for groups, to high Alpine excursions for the brave-hearted, or romantic trips through the snowy landscapes through to lonely mountain tours for those preferring a quieter experience.

Many of these mountain paths offer spectacular panoramic views over-looking the Sesvenna group, the Ortler massif and the Ötztal Alps, allowing wondrous glimpses into Switzerland in the West and in the Eastern Dolomites. The snowshoe hikes of the Upper Venosta Valley are ideal for all those who are searching for a more solitary experience through pristine natural surroundings and who are, at the same time, interested in having an more profound insight into the local mountains, landscapes and history.