Ski tourers will find numerous possibilities to choose from in the Watles ski area. There are routes linking the skiing resort to the slopes, a section coinciding with the Prämajur winter hiking trail and the final 200 meters intersect the toboggan course. The last section up to the Watles peak is located on right-hand side of the ski slope.

Ski tourists should not neglect visits to the peaks of Mount Upi, Piz Sesvenna, Kälberberg and Seebodenspitze. A rapid ski descent through this pristine nature, through the glistening snow and a breathtaking panorama are a fantastic reward, making the effort more than worthwhile.

A safe tour necessitates adequate experience, correct equipment and an informed knowledge of the local climatic and snowfall conditions. Consequently, backcountry enthusiasts may also participate in one of the guided tours offered led by experienced mountain guides. Safety to skiers and ski tourists is thus ensured in this well-established winter ski resort.