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Sonnensteig trail

Along the themed walk hikers discover many interesting facts about the Venosta legend walk, about Saint Benedict, but also about the popular irrigation channel paths and the rich and unique nature in this valley with this special micro climate

The theme trail, which begins on the western end of Burgusio/Burgeis, first leads to the monastery Marienberg. This section is dedicated to the Benedictines. Just before Marienberg the trail branches off to the right and leads to a nice hiking trail to the northern entrance of Burgusio/Burgeis. At the eastern edge of the village turn left and across the fields to the stone bridge and onto the Oberwaal irrigation channel path of Malles/Mals. Below the farms of Montecin/Muntetschinig, walk along the mountain slope above Tarces/Tartsch to the Ganglegg archaeological site above Sluderno/Schluderns. Continue along the Leitenwaal irrigation channel path, past the farms of the Schludernser Berg mountain to Spondigna/Spondinig. The trail directly ends next to the street near the train station of Spondigna/Spondinig.
Signposting no. 17
Tip: the themed trail can also be divided into shorter stages from Burgusio - Malles, Malles - Sluderno, or Sluderno - Spondigna
Refreshments: in the restaurants of each village


Duration 7:00 h
Altitude uphill 392 hm
Altitude downhill 826 hm
Length 20.2 km
Hiking in the Venosta Valley – Fun and Adventure
From simple scenic walks to Alpine mountain hikes: numerous hiking trails crisscross the valley and mountains of the Venosta Valley holiday region.