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Circular hike on Oberwaal irrigation channel path

The Oberwaal irrigation channel path runs through rocky terrain and mixed forest in Malles has a beautiful view to Malles and the Ortles Mountain Group

The circular hike starts at the information office in Malles/Mals, turn left and walk along the St. Benedictstreet to the St.-Benedict-Church on the western end of Malles/Mals. On the right side of the church a street leads up to the northern edge of Malles/Mals, where the entrance to the irrigation channel path lies behind the church Vierzehn-Nothelfer. From there take the forest trail no. 12 up to the Oberwaal irrigation channel path no. 17 through a mixed forest to the garden of Malles/Mals and via the Mitterwaal no. 14 back to the starting point.
The Oberwaal irrigation channel path was first mentioned in writing in 1346. In 1980 he was replaced by a sprinkler system. Its length is 3 km and ends east of the village Tarces/Tartsch.
Water supply: partly
Refreshments: in the restaurants in Malles/Mals



Duration 1:40 h
Altitude uphill 131 hm
Altitude downhill 131 hm
Length 5.8 km
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