The Oberwaal Trail

General description

Family hike - Oberwaal Irrigation Channel Trail to Mals/ Malles in the Vinschgau Valley

Route description

The Oberwaal irrigation canal was first mentioned in the records in 1346. In 1980 it was replaced by an irrigation system. The canal is about 3 km in length and ends above Tartsch/ Tartsches. Water only flows through the canal in one section.

Route: The track leads through some woods with mixed vegetation to the orchards in Mals. The return trip is back the same way. Or you can continue to Tartsch and Schluderns/ Sluderno.


Description to arrive at destination

Trough the Venosta Valley to Malles/Mals

State closed
Duration 0:45 h
Length 3 km
Difficulty easy
Difference in height uphill 0 hm
Difference in height downhill 0 hm
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