High Alpine Trail of Planeil

General description

The High Alpine Trail of Planeil runs on an ancient irrigation channel path and is split into 3 sections

Route description

Section 1
From the end of the village Planeil/ Planol walk to the last farm where the trail branches off to the Salisatisspitze peak on the right side. This trail leads to Plamatroja where the road splits. Right after another short climb at medium altitude along the old Gasitsches Waal irrigation channel path walk towards the valley. Left on a very steep trail through a magical larch forest directly to the Planeileralm alpine pasture. The last stretch runs along the road to the alpine pasture.

Section 2
This trail leads to the west, then climbs to the no longer operated Alpwaal irrigation channel path and leads across the alpine meadows of the Planeileralm alpine pasture high above the valley to the Hinterberghütte hut. Here, the hiker can decide whether to go downhill to Knottberghütte hut or to continue on section 3, which goes further into the valley of the Punibach brook. Both the Hinterberghütte hut and the Knottberghütte hut are not open to the public and serve the shepherds as a shelter. The trail now leads from the Knottberghütte hut along the Punibach brook to the water intake of the power plant. Here either left across the bridge and up to the trail to Planeileralm alpine pasture or back along the Vinschgau Valley High Mountain Trail onto section 1 to Planeil/ Planol. The old roadway back to Planeil/ Planol also offers for the way back.

Section 3
This part goes from the Hinterberghütte hut on high alpine terrain to the foot of the ascent to the 3,100 m high Planeiler notch. The ancient field name Towaut suggests that even in the earliest times people ran livestock and crossed over the gap into the Langtaufers valley. The way back leads along the Punibach brook to the Knottberghütte hut.

Refreshments: Planeileralm alpine pasture, in the restaurants in Planeil/ Planol

Duration 7:30 h
Length 18.6 km
Difficulty difficult
Difference in height uphill 932 hm
Difference in height downhill 932 hm
Difference in height 2444 m
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