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360° Alta Val Venosta: Prato allo Stelvio/Prad am Stilfserjoch - Glorenza/Glurns

General description

The first part of the sixth stage of the circular hiking trail 360° Upper Vinschgau Valley runs along the animal forest path “Gumperle”. From there it goes past the Lichtenberg Castle to the medieval town of Glurns/ Gorenza.

Route description

The sixth stage of the circular hiking trail 360° Upper Vinschagu Valley is ideal for families. The tour takes hikers from the family hiking tour "Gumperle" path in Prad am Stilfserjoch/ Prato allo Stelvo to the hamlet of Montechiaro/Lichtenberg with its 200 inhabitants and its impressive castle ruins from the 13th century.  The wooden lounger made from local larch invites to relax and the Val Venosta wind makes wind wheels fly. The hiking trail continues to Glurns/ Glorenza, the smallest town in the Alps, with impressive, fully preserved city walls.
You can find refreshments points in Glurns.
The individual starting and ending points of all nine stages can be easily reached by public transport.

Duration 4:00 h
Length 11.8 km
Difficulty medium
Difference in height uphill 409 hm
Difference in height downhill 404 hm
Difference in height 1097 m
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Overview map

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