360° Alta Val Venosta - The varied circular adventure trail in the Upper Venosta Valley

General description

The newly created 360° Upper Vinschgau Valley is an adventure-packed circular hiking trail through the villages of the Upper Vinschgau Valley. For families and pleasure hikers the nine stages can be seen as individual hiking tips for day tours. Experienced hikers looking for a challenge can plan a hiking tour consisting of several stages.
At each stage interactive nature installations from local larch await young and grown-up hikers.

Route description

Hikers break through the silence with the ringing of cow bells, elicit a wonderful echo of the forest with a wooden xylophone and enjoy fabulous views of the mountain world of Upper Vinschgau Valley from the 4-meter-high adventure swing. Mountain enthusiasts observe nature highlights through binoculars and enjoy a rest in an XXL hammock, on a wooden bench or in a giant toboggan.
The hiking adventure is rounded off with spectacular views of the unique and enchanting landscape of Upper Vinschgau Valley with all its cultural and agricultural highlights.
The individual starting and ending points of all nine stages can be easily reached by public transport and hiking taxis (in the summer months).
You can find detailed information on the interactive map.

Duration 35:35 h
Length 97.449 km
Difficulty medium
Difference in height uphill 5777 hm
Difference in height downhill 5777 hm
Difference in height 2356 m
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