Tour in Matsch Valley

Mals - Malettes - Lechtlhof - Matsch - Glieshof - Runerhöfe - Schluderns - Mals

General description

Matscher Raubritter Mountain Bike Tour


Route description
The starting point for this route is the railway station in Mals, then continues through the centre to the northern edge of the village. Follow now the forest path (no.12) to the Malettes plateau (1.606 m). Pedal along the sunny slope past the farms "Lechtlhof" and "Gemassen" to the "Tartscher Leger" and meet the Venosta Valley High Mountain Trail, which leads to the alpine village of Matsch (1.564 m). Continue on the asphalted road to the highest point the Almhotel "Glieshof" at 1.810 m with a lovely sun terrace and enjoy the fine cuisine.
After a snack, follow the Venosta Valley High Trail in the direction of the "Runerhöfe" farms.
Passing through "Tial" and the "Aviunshof" farmhouses, a short stony trail (S1, steep) through the Aviun valley. At the end of the valley, turn left and follow the gravel road with a difference in altitude of 120m. Descend to "Gschneir" in the direction of castle Churburg to Schluderns, from where the last climb is along the cycle path through Glurns and Laatsch back to Mals.
Description to arrive at destination

Trough the Venosta Valley to Malles.

Length 48.534 km
Difficulty medium
Difficulty MTB S2
Difference in height uphill 1457 hm
Difference in height downhill 1458 hm
Difference in height 1822 m
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