Glurnser Alm Tour

General description

Mountainbiketour to the alp and the top of the Glorenza/Glurns mountain (2.395 m)

Glurns - Alp Glurnser Alm - Glurns

Route description
We say goodbye to the beautiful little city Glurns through the Tauferertor, the southern city gate. Past the parish church St. Pankrazius , always seeing the cross on the summit of the mountain Glurnser Köpfel we cross the street and come to the Treiweg. After a few hundreds of meters we turn right to the St. Martin´s Chapel and ascend on the well arranged Almenweg to the Glurnser Alm at 1,978 m. After a littler more than 1,000 metres in altitude through shady wood  appears at the alp Glurnser Alm, which is not run, a stunning panorama and the view to the mountain Glurnser Köpfel, which is lying above the alp. The delicious traditional Tyrolean afternoon snack called "Marend" we bring ourselves and relax before the hut. Along the forest road again towards the meadows of the Venosta Valley. Back in Glurns it is compulsory to enjoy a self-made ice-cream of the ice-cream parlor Grüner Baum.  This belongs for locals to the tour as saying amen after prayers.
Tip: It is worthwhile hiking to the Glurnser Köpfel (2,339 m), where you have one of the best views of the region and of the  wonderful white sparkling Ortler massif.
description to arrive at destination

Mals/Malles train station - at the roundabout go in direction to Glurns/Glorenza - park the car on the car park near the city gate

Length 10.351 km
Difficulty medium
Difficulty MTB S2
Difference in height uphill 1065 hm
Difference in height downhill 0 hm
Difference in height 1975 m
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The Ortler Bike Marathon
The Ortler Bike Marathon is held annually on the first weekend in June. The medieval town of Glorenza/Glurns is the start and finish for this incomparable bike event.
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