Tour to Alp of Planeil

Mals - Ulten - Planeil - Alp of Planeil - Alsack - Ulten - Mals

General description

Wonderful tour with demanding ramps to the winner of the alp cheese olympiad. Enjoy the afternoon snack "Marend" and the view.

Route description
Cycle northwards from the train station in Mals across the centre, reaching from the edge of the village on the old country road towards Planeil. At the bridge, before the "Punihof" farm, turn right.  On this tour, you have to master partly steep forest road ramps on the northern slope below the peak "Spitzige Lun" (2.324 m). The trail continues along the alpine path in the mostly lonely valley. After several steep climbs, get a snack at the Alp of Planeil. The award-winning cheeses and the view of the untouched nature are worth it.
For the descent, follow the forest road towards Alsack, which leads quite steeply down into the village. Via the asphalt road you reach the starting point of Mals again via Ulten.
Description to arrive at destination

Trough the Venosta Valley to Mals/Malles.

Length 26.381 km
Difficulty medium
Difficulty MTB S2
Difference in height uphill 1249 hm
Difference in height downhill 1249 hm
Difference in height 2202 m
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