“Autumn delights” invites you to come and enjoy! Enjoy what we grow in the Venosta Valley and Merano and environs, and what was served by our grandmothers.
The region has a great number of quality, tasty goods on offer in autumn. The Alpine dairymen return from their mountain pastures, bringing their aromatic cheeses. Every bite brings to mind the verdant Alpine meadows. Fresh fruits from the fields and gardens beckon: let yourself be enticed by specialities made from Pala pears, local apple varieties and the popular Venosta cabbage. The meadows and forests also bring forth gifts: herbs and berries, and even wild game from the national park. The people here know how to prepare exquisite delicacies from them. And don’t forget the traditional “Törggelen”, with the sampling of young wines.

Enjoy the best from the region during “Autumn delights”!