In the cultural region of the Upper Venosta Valley, customs and tradition are kept alive, in much the same way as art, culture and biodiversity. Here, innovation and tradition happily coexist, The Upper Venosta Valley has an ongoing tradition of Alpine dairies, which today produce excellent local organic dairy products, by means of carefully managed animal husbandry techniques and according to the highest modern standards. The local products can be bought at the various markets located in the Upper Venosta Valley, which have been taking place on certain recurring days for many centuries.

Ancient traditions, such as the Launching of Burning Disk (Scheibenschlagen) on the mystical Tartscher Buehel landscape on the first Sunday of Lent in February, are kept alive in the Upper Venosta Valley. The hurling of the burning disks is an unforgettable event, where winter is symbolically exorcised, heralding the advent of springtime. The various traditional events held during the Advent-period throughout December are also spectacular. The wild excesses of the Krampus-guilds and the Nikolaus-processions keep the children entertained all the way through till Christmas. In June, the Sacred Heart fires on the mountains can be seen over long distances and are a visual spectacle. In the autumn traditional, centuries-old markets like the All Saints Market of Glorenza as well as convivial gatherings (such as the chestnut festivals) continue to attract many visitors.