The centuries have left their mark on the cultural landscape of Venosta Valley. Today, it bears testimony in the varied cultural monuments: from the Roman trade route Via Claudia Augusta, to the castles, churches and monasteries of the Middle Ages and the museums. Most significant are the historic towns of Glorenza /Glurns with its fortified walls and Malles/Mals with its five towers, the Marienberg Abbey above Burgusio/Burgeis, the castles of Reichenberg and Rotund, but also Sluderno/Schluderns at the bottom of Churburg Castle.

The trail of the Middle Ages leads from the Carolingian Benedictine Convent St. Johann in Val Müstair (CH) to the Marienberg  Abbey, the highest-situated monastery in the Alps, and the early Christian St. Benedikt church in Malles. The Romanesque church of St. Veith stands on the mystical Tarces Hill. And a guided bunker tour through the maze of bunkers gives insight into the military line of defense in the 20th century.