To the Tartscher Bühel hill

General description

Gentle hike from Glurns/ Glorenza to the mystical and legendary Tartscher Bühel hill.

Route description

The start of the hike is the car park north outside the city walls of Glurns/ Glorenza, near the Malser Tower. Follow the sidewalk in the direction of Mals/ Malles to S. Lorenzweg trail, turn right and continue on trail no. 18. From there to the railway underpass, where the trail on the right side leads to Tarces/Tartsch and via the Bichlsteig trail around Tartscher Bühel hill with the S. Veit church and the archaeological site. The way back is along the same route to the starting point.

Baby carriage suitability: no
Refreshments: in the restaurants in Glurns/ Glorenza and Tartsch/ Tarces

Duration 2:00 h
Length 5.5 km
Difficulty easy
Difference in height uphill 134 hm
Difference in height downhill 134 hm
Difference in height 1048 m
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