The cultural region of Upper Venosta Valley had already served as a valley for travelers in ancient times. Today historic sites, castles, churches and monasteries decorated with frescoes and artwork from over ten centuries ago, bear witness to this and can be visited by guests. The Celts, Romans and Rhaetians like the Venosti, but also the early Christian Middle Ages, left their mark. These include the Roman trade road Via Claudia Augusta, the medieval town of Glorenza/Glurns and many cultural monuments. They turn a trip to Upper Venosta Valley into a very special cultural experience.

Upper Venosta Valley, as "the valley of artists", also lives up to its cultural and historical heritage with its way of life. Customs and traditions from ancient times go hand in hand with innovation and contemporary architecture. In this unique cultural landscape, hikers follow a trail of mountain churches and enjoy the view from the irrigation channels.