Historically speaking, the Venosta Valley was inhabited by Celts, Romans and Raeti Venostes (i.e ancient Alpine tribes), with traces and archeological relics found in the area date back to the Stone Age. The Venosta Valley is also home to a number of valuable Romanesque abbeys and castles. Old mountain farms and the characteristic villages of this cultural region can be traced back to the 1st millennium.

To help rediscover the secrets of the past, the Vintschger Museum offers guided village tours, such as through historic Sluderno/Schluderns. The guided tour through medieval Glorenza/Glurns or through Malles/Mals, Burgusio/Burgeis or Sluderno by night, offer unique historical insights to the seemingly curious events from the past, re-evoking bygone legends through vivid re-enactments.