Matscher Alm Alpine hut

The Matscher Alm alpine pasture is located at 2,050 m. From the Glieshof farm, take the forest path no. 2 on the right side of the valley to reach the Matscher Alm alpine pasture, which takes about 1 hour. Various tours, such as the "Vinschger Höhenweg", lead past the Matscheralm. It is one of the most popular excursion destinations and alpine dairy farms in the Upper Vinschgau. A lot of emphasis is placed on local products, and a wide view of the Matschertal valley enchants on the alpine pasture.
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Local history and culture in Venosta Valley
The cultural region of Venosta Valley in South Tyrol is characterized by its lively customs, traditions and also sense of innovation; from the Romanesque “Stairways to Heaven” project through all periods of art up to contemporary architecture, art, theater and music.
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