In earlier times, as wayfarers and pilgrims avoided the swampy valleys and crossed over the mountains, there were already numerous Alpine huts and guesthouses that provided accommodation to the travellers, especially in the area around the road to the Resia Pass. The high Alpine pastures have always represented an important component of the local economy with its pastures and dairies characterizing the region over many centuries.

Today, the Alpine pastures in the Upper Venosta Valley are famous for their local cheese varieties. Following traditional methods, cheeses are produced by hand and split among the farmers at the end of summer. As the demand for local cheeses usually exceeds supply, these specialties are mostly found in upmarket local restaurants – and can be bought directly from the Alpine dairy farms up on the pastures.

Dairy cheeses are labelled with quality markings and serial numbers in order that the origin, authenticity and quality of the product may always be traced and guaranteed.