Little Church of St. Martin, Lasa

General description

The little Church of St. Martin lies above Lasa on a small morainic hill. The church was documented for the first time in 1323 although its origin most probably precedes that date. The discovery of clay shards and glass dating from the Roman period, in addition to bronze sheets and other prehistoric remnants, would suggest that this once was an ancient settlement and place of worship.

description to arrive at destination

From Reschen or Meran to Laas - Schmiedgasse.


The car can be parked near the church.

Public transport

By the Venosta train to Laas.
For more information on the timetables, see www.sii.bz.it

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Processions & Festivals
Like every town and village in the Venosta Valley, Silandro/Schlanders and Lasa/Laas both have their own processions, fairs and festivals. Lasa, for example, has the traditional Easter Tomb, a decorative scene displayed in churches at Easter. On the second Sunday of September, the procession of the Virgin Mary takes place in Silandro to commemorate the area’s liberation from the French invasion.
Local history and culture in Venosta Valley
The cultural region of Venosta Valley in South Tyrol is characterized by its lively customs, traditions and also sense of innovation; from the Romanesque “Stairways to Heaven” project through all periods of art up to contemporary architecture, art, theater and music.
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