Piz Trail

The Piz Trail harmonises with its surroundings like an orchestra in a grandiose piece of music. Has a masterpiece of trail building succeeded here? Find out!

General description
The new Piz Trail winds its way from the Piz-Schöneben mountain station towards the valley over a length of 7 km and 600 metres.
towards the valley. The new trail addition in green difficulty level (very easy) leads particularly effortlessly and playfully through the forest.
and playful through the forest, whereby it is fast, exciting and particularly nature-friendly.
around the many Swiss stone pine trees. There are several opportunities to "toggle" between the Piz Trail and the Schöneben Trail (red difficulty level).
difficulty level) "back and forth". This opens up new combination possibilities and a cautious
and a cautious approach to greater challenges is made possible, step by step. We do not want to reveal too much
too much, only this much has been clear since its completion:
The Piz Trail on the Schöneben lift is absolutely world class in its segment!
At the Schöneben valley station
Length 6.919 km
Difficulty easy
Difficulty MTB S1
Difference in height uphill 0 hm
Difference in height downhill 584 hm
Difference in height 2156 m
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