Also known as Stairways to Heaven, the ancient Romanesque road crosses the Venosta Valley, weaving its way alongside ancient chapels and churches. Populated for thousands of years, the valley is steeped in history with Celts, Rhaetians and Venusians inhabiting the area as far back as in pre-Roman times. Despite the passage of time, these archaeological sites and magical places are still found scattered throughout the valley. There is the Tarces hill, a round, rocky hill and the church of St. Vito in the area inhabited by the Celts about 1,000 years ago, overlooking the hill with scenic views opening out to the South.

Not far from this pagan site is the birthplace of St. Florinus near Mazia/Matsch and even the flora and fauna in the nearby Stelvio National Park has a magical quality. The Ortles, the Sesvennas, the Ötztal Alps, as well as the marble quarries are examples of the rich variety of the landscape and the primeval strength of this region.