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Cultural Hiking Tour to Cengles

General description

Hike through the diverse nature and cultural landscape at the slopes of the Stelvio National Park.


Route description

Starting at the aquaprad National Park visitors center, you proceed towards the easterly end of the village of Prato. Via Nittweg street, you reach the hiking trail No. 7 which lead pass the basin for water treading and slightly above the valley floor, through orchards and meadows to Cengles. The return route leads via trail No. 3

Duration 2:00 h
Length 7.395 km
Difficulty easy
Altitude uphill 160 hm
Altitude downhill 160 hm
Altitude 1033 m
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Regional Marille Apricots and Raspberries
Around Prato allo Stelvio/Prad am Stilfserjoch, the sweet local apricot type, the Vinschger Marille, matures in the original slow way, meaning that apricots of excellent quality are harvested here. The Vinschger Marille tastes best when consumed right away – or as a highly-appreciated local apricot jam.

The berries from Venosta Valley mature slowly at Alpine heights, including the strawberries of Val Martello and raspberries from Prato allo Stelvio/Pradm am Stilfserjoch – widely appreciated for their unique taste and flavor.
Apples and Pears from Prato allo Stelvio
The Venosta Valley is a valley in South Tyrol covered with apple trees. At the high altitude of Prato/Prad, apples and pears grow to be particularly crunchy and juicy in taste. A local specialty is the ancient sweet Palabar pear varietal.
Farm Shops and Guided Farm Tours
Homegrown food, produced in harmony with nature, such as fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread and more, can be found at the farms of the region. A hike to the farms around Prato allo Stelvio7Prad am Stilfserjoch provides participating hikers with insights into the life and work of the local farmers and their high-quality products.
The bees of the Prato beekeepers live high in the mountains, in pure nature. Far away from any pesticide, these bees collect nectar in the high Alpine landscape filled with herbs and mountain flowers, creating the aromatic Stilfserjoch blossom honey.
Local history and culture in Venosta Valley
The cultural region of Venosta Valley in South Tyrol is characterized by its lively customs, traditions and also sense of innovation; from the Romanesque “Stairways to Heaven” project through all periods of art up to contemporary architecture, art, theater and music.