10K Run

General description

A challenging 10 km run. The best way to tackle your own best mark or to just get to know the area between Prad and Glurns.

Route description
From the upper Suldenbach bridge in Prad, we first cross the locality of Agums. We then follow an asphalted agricultural road that runs parallelly to the back road until we reach the locality of Lichtenberg. After passing the hotels Weißes Rössl and Schwarzer Adler, we continue for about 1 km in the direction of Glurns. The route takes us sharply to the right, back in the direction of Prad. After 200 m we cross the back road and walk for around 2 km on an almost plain agricultural road. At its end, we turn left and reach the Adige cycle track which finally leads us to the fishing ponds of Prad. From here we return to the starting point across the biotope “Prader Sand” and the sports area of Prad.
Length 10 km
Difficulty easy
Difference in height uphill 64 hm
Difference in height downhill 64 hm
Difference in height 927 m
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