Venosta Valley High Mountain Trail: Resia/Reschen – Stava/Staben

The Venosta Valley High Mountain Trail is a hiking experience for passionate nature enthusiasts lasting several days. It provides the opportunity to hike from the source of the Adige river to Stava/Staben or vice versa. This tour describes the route from Resia/Reschen to Stava.

The Venosta Valley High Mountain Trail runs from the source of the Adige at the Resia Pass in the border triangle to Stava in the Lower Venosta Valley and combines different stages of the Monte Sole mountain route. The 108 km multi-day tour runs along partly existing and partly new footpaths, the route leads along the old Waalwege trails (trails along old irrigation channels) and over connecting paths between mountain farms. Here, mountain- and nature fans, hikers and mountaineers usually find nice weather and a clear view to the high glaciers. Highlights of the hike are therefore the vistas with a panoramic view to the Ortler Group and the vegetation of the Monte Sole which is rich in species.

But you don’t necessarily have to embark on a multi-day tour. The individual stages of the Venosta Valley High Mountain Trail are also suitable for day trips, as the alpine trail can easily be accessed from the villages via ascents and descents. Each stage offers scenic, cultural, as well as culinary highlights.

The trail between "Patsch“ and „Zuckbichl“ is closed until further notice. 

Duration 34:00 h
Length 108 km
Difference in height uphill 4693 hm
Difference in height downhill 5711 hm
Difference in height 2045 m
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