The Hölderle natural sled run

General description

Sledging is winter pleasure for the whole family!

The small climb by foot heard to a funny sleigh game for the whole family after a funny day in the Val Martello you can eat something along the restaurant there. At the nature toboggan run Hölderle the whole family come onto her expense.

Route description

At the valley Martello is a tecnically easy, natural sled run. The sled run is about 2km long and it goes along the river Plima. At the end and at the start of the sled run you can drink a hot chocolate and also other hot drinks.

Description to arrive at destination

From Coldrano you take the street to Morter from there follow the same street into the valley.

State closed
Duration 0:30 h
Length 1.362 km
Difference in height downhill 0 hm
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Family Tobogganing
In winter, the Watles ski area invites visitors to enjoy family adventures on the luge runs, and to experience the natural sledge run. Families receive a daily sledge card including rental luges at discounted prices.
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