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Lyfispitze peak

Demanding ski - tour that rewards you with priceless views.

This ski-tour starts at the Lake Gioveretto, from there you follow the path no. 10 to the manages Lyfi mountain hut. There you pass the mountain hut on your right and continue trough the forest by following the same signposting until the junction of paths. When you reach the Lyfiknott a wonderful snow-covered winter landscape, from there the way is to the ounta is steep and demanding, but when you reach the Punta Livi a wonderful view of the snow-covered Venosta valley.


Duration 7:00 h
Altitude uphill 1430 hm
Altitude downhill 1430 hm
Length 12.4 km
Experience Winter – in Venosta Valley in South Tyrol
Pure winter fun for vacationers in the Venosta Valley:
from solitary winter hikes and ski tours in lonesome mountain areas, to five varied and top-rated modern ski areas for skiers, snowboarders and lugers, cross-country skiers and biathletes.