The southern Alpine landscape of the Venosta Valley in South Tyrol has a rather dry climate, but also many meadows and pastures at a high altitude. There are over 80 mountain huts offering dairy products, service and food throughout the meadows of the Venosta Valley, many located at over 2,000 meters a.s.l., covering a total area of about 37,000 hectares. In this idyllic setting, the mountain huts in Venosta Valley offer an ideal atmosphere in which to enjoy a summer vacation in a postcard-like mountain landscape.

At one time, the marshy valley floor made for a difficult passage. Shepherds, travelers and pilgrims preferred to stick to the paths on the mountains, even at high altitudes. To provide shelter for the night and against inclement weather, huts were provided, important structures at the time.

Even today there are many lodges in South Tyrol open to the public, offering hikers a place to stop for refreshments and warm and sunny terraces. Many old recipes of the traditional regional cuisine have been revisited and help to enrich the menus today. Many of the huts also offer dairy products, such as fresh milk, yogurt and cheese. The dairy cheese from Venosta Valley has been awarded with prizes in numerous international contexts.