Tour to Lake Pfaffensee

Mals - Burgeis - Haidersee Lake - Alp Platzer - cottage Schafberghütte - Pfaffensee - Plantapatschhütte - Burgeis - Mals

General description

Below the mountain Watles at the traces of the Benedictine

Route description
Start at the train station in Mals and cycle through the village and along the old country road to Paneil and Alsack. The cycle path runs uphill on a beautiful slope with a view of the Mals Heath to St. Valentin and the  "Haidersee" lake. Cross the main road in St. Valentin and follow the cycle path below the alp St. Valentin cable car towards Burgeis. Before the narrow barrage, take a sharp right onto a steeper asphalt path (No. 5A), and shortly afterwards, in the shady forest, crank up along the forest path towards Alp Platzer (1.885 m), cottage "Schafberghütte" and lake "Pfaffensee" (2.222 m). Here a wildly romantic landscape opens up and after a short pushing passage, reach the light blue-turquoise lake "Pfaffensee".
Put up a little further at the timber paneled refuge Plantapatsch (2,145 m), located in the hiking and skiing area Watles. The sun terrace offers a great view of the Ortler group and the cultural landscape of the Vinschgau Valley.
The descent is via the toboggan slope (used only in winter) on gravel and forest paths to the valley station and further along the old cart track to the Benedictine Abbey of Marienberg (1.350 m). This impressive white building is visible from far above Burgeis. Here follow the cycle path to Schleis and on to Mals.
Description to arrive at destination

Trough the Venosta Valley to Mals/Malles

Length 34.78 km
Difficulty medium
Difficulty MTB S2
Difference in height uphill 1338 hm
Difference in height downhill 1338 hm
Difference in height 2235 m
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Dos and Don’ts
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