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Bicycle route Müstair - Malles Venosta

Bicycle route from Switzerland - Tubre in Val Monastero until Malles Venosta

From Müstair in Swiss you will pass the UNESCO world heritage monastery St. John to the border of Italy and to the village Tubre/Taufers. In Tubre you can see the castle Rotund and Reichenberg up on the mountain and you can visit the church St. John with the romanic frescos. Along the bicycle route you will come in the little village Rivaira/Rifair and then to Laudes/Laatsch, where you can go on the cycling route Via Claudia Augusta along the Adige river to Passo Resia or Merano.



Duration 1:00 h
Altitude uphill 54 hm
Altitude downhill 302 hm
Length 11.3 km
Bike rental
A total of seven railway stations located along the Venosta Valley Adige Cycle Route form part of the "Südtirol Rad" network, with cycle rental services for both adults and children. Cycles can be collected and returned to any of the seven stations.
bikemobil Card
The bikemobil Card provides a relaxed cycling holiday. This combination ticket allows the easy use of all public transport across all of South Tyrol along with the rental of a bicycle at one of many participating stations.
The Venosta Valley Bikeshuttle Service
Take advantage of the Venosta Valley Bikeshuttle service, which also includes bicycle transport. It brings cyclists to the requested starting point of a biking tour and then picks them up again at the requested destination. With the VenostaCard (available free of charge at partaking hotels), you can also make use of the service at reduced rates.
Cycling in Venosta Valley
With the period from March to late November offering ideal conditions for bike trips and excursions, the Vinschgau valley boasts the longest bike season in the Alpine region.
Dedicated bike points also provide specialised cycling services, including bike shuttles across the entire valley, guided tours and professional advice. The Vinschgau also
features a wonderfully effective bike hire network, with combined tickets enabling visitors to use public transport, hike bikes and even return them to different locations at no
extra charge. And of course, dedicated bike hotels provide ideal accommodation for cycling enthusiasts.