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Alpine pastures tour

It is best to take the challenging 20.5 km long tour of the Laces and Tarres Alpine pastures between early June and early October.

You goes by the big iron gate behindd the IceForum when you arrived to a little steep way up to the junction there the steep path number 4 on the left through the beautiful thick woods area till one reaches the forest motor road. It goes up this way high up to the Laces alp, fat at the woods way up to the tarscher Almlounge up to the junction by the mountain at the north side. From there the way number 1 runs by a lovely piece of woodland you reach the valley station of the chairlift. You go the same way back to Tarres now again you then can get into the Raminiwaal comfortably and enjoy the pleasant climate of the mountain.


7:00 h
1350 hm
1350 hm
17.5 km