Silandro/Schlanders and the “village of marble”, Lasa/Laas, are small but rich cultural resorts in the Venosta Valley with a wide range of surprising features. Silandro is the main town in the Venosta Valley and alongside an inviting variety of bars, shops and restaurants in the pedestrian zone, also offers a compelling range of cultural sights and entertainment events. The Schlandersburg Renaissance Palace, near the highest church tower in South Tyrol, is witness to the role played by Silandro as the major town of the valley. Beautiful walking paths and the irrigation channel paths lead from the town center up to the Monte Sole mountain.

The nearby village of Lasa, located below the historic marble quarry of Jennwand, features a very different landscape, characterized by the spectacular juxtaposition of the steep, green slopes of the Monte Tramontana mountain and the barren, sun-drenched Monte Sole on the opposite side. The village center with its centuries-old buildings, marble walkways and ornaments reveals a history of local arts and crafts. In the past, left over marble was used in building and designing the village. Along with marble, sculpture and agriculture are the twin pillars of the local economy. The sweet Venosta Valley apricots, local organic fruit and cabbage, which is used for the famous Venosta Valley sauerkraut, are especially renowned.

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