Castelbello/Kastelbell-Ciardes/Tschars is the southernmost village in the Venosta Valley. The landscape looks almost Mediterranean, with the wide expanse of the valley covered in vineyards and apple orchards. High above the vineyards, at the rugged entrance to the quaint Schnalstal Valley, is Juval Castle, the summer residence of the legendary mountaineer Reinhold Messner. Perched on the Monte Sole mountainside, the castle houses Messner's MMM Juval Museum, dedicated to the life of peoples of the mountains across the world. The Kastelbell Castle serves as both an art gallery and the local landmark of Castelbello.

The sunny slopes of the Monte Sole mountain, near the Venosta Valley villages of Castelbello and Ciardes, provide fertile ground for the ripening of grapevines and fruits used for varietal distillates, as well as delicious apples, pears, grapes and asparagus. Castelbello-Ciardes is also a main point of reference for the traditional Törggelen feast in the Venosta Valley.

The irrigation channel paths, family-friendly footpaths leading along the ancient irrigation channels, wind below the sunny slopes and offer spectacular vistas of the Ortler and Dolomite mountains. There are also many more challenging hiking paths leading up to remote Alpine pastures, the Hochgalsaun ruins, and crystal-clear mountain lakes, as well as to a number of Alpine huts where guests can taste traditional South Tyrolean dishes.

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