Muas porridge in a traditional iron pan from the Lyfi Alm mountain hut

Put the wheat flour (approx. 600 g) in a bowl and add some corn flour. Don’t use too much corn flour. You should only feel a few grains in a pinch of the mixture!

Heat the pan and grate a stick of butter (about 25 g) in the pan. Add a splash of water. Once the butter has melted, add about 1200 ml of milk. There should be about two finger widths of space to the top of the pan!
Heat the milk to a boil. Reduce heat to medium heat/flame.
Add a pinch of salt. Slowly stir the flour mixture into the boiling milk with a whisk! Observe the mixture while stirring constantly. If the mixture in the frying pan is quite thick, bubbles and loosens from the bottom of the frying pan while stirring, then there is enough flour in it! Add some more salt to taste.
Reduce heat to low flame and turn the pan until achieving a tasty, slightly burnt layer all over the bottom of the frying pan. When the edge is brown everywhere, there are no more milk bubbles, and you can smell the scent of the "Muas" over the frying pan, place the pan outdoors to cool. Melt butter once again (let brown)! After about 10-12 minutes, bring the frying pan back inside and pour the brown butter over it.
Everyone grab a spoon and Bon Appetit!

Variants: Depending on taste, sugar, cinnamon, cocoa can be sprinkled over
- 600 g wheat flour
- Corn flour
- 25 g butter
- a splash of water
- 1200 ml fresh cow’s milk
- Salt
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