Fishing lakes Prato allo Stelvio

General description

Peace and meditation, but also excitement: sport fishing is a leisure activity, a remedy to the hectic nature of modern life and a form of relaxation for all the senses. In Prato allo Stelvio, anglers will find ideal conditions at the two small fishing lakes of the area. These three ponds of 47,000 square meters are in perfect shape, and offer the unique opportunity to fish without a fishing license. In the ponds there are mainly rainbow trout and brown trout, as well as carp and herbivorous fish, but also tench, perch, sturgeon and other fish and minnows.

The two ponds are located directly next to the cycle trail that leads from Resia to Merano, and thus it can be easily reached by bicycle.

Price List
Sport fishing, trout:
Daily: € 18,00
Ten-Ticket: € 160,00

Sport fishing, carp
Daily: €  18,00
Ten-Ticket: € 160,00

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