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Family hiking tour on the "Gumperle" path

Familiy hike with interesting informations about animals frome our surrounding area

With the help of games and texts, the “Gumperle” path allows parents and kids to gain insight into the animals living in our local forest. In 15 interesting stations, many different games await the families. Together with the wood mouse Ferdinand, the parents and their kids search for animal tracks, listen to bird voices, lift up the horn of a deer, work themselves through a tunnel and climb up the pecker-hill. The loop road is about 2 km long and starts below the Church of Saint George in Agumes. Families will need about 90 minutes to walk the whole course with all the stations.


Duration 1:30 h
Altitude uphill 130 hm
Altitude downhill 130 hm
Length 2.4 km
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