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Round about the Resia Lake

Biking around the blue sparkling lake with the tower of the sunken church

This tour is suitable for an easy trip and for families. 
The tour can be started in Curon/Graun, goes than to Resia/Reschen. After that you pass the valley station of the sci area Schöneben. Follow the way until you reach the masonry dam. On the dam you can enjoy the view to the Ortler mountain, than turn left and observe the kiters on the lake until you reach again Curon. 

All over this tour you have different rest points, where you can savor the traditional cuisine.


Duration :45 h
Altitude uphill 260 hm
Length 15.3 km
Cycling and Mountain Biking at all Heights in Venosta Valley
Whether by road cycle or mountain bike, along panoramic roads or up to high Alpine pastures, into the Alps on single trails and back downhill into the valley: nature and culture in the Venosta Valley in South Tyrol can be explored at all heights on two wheels.