Laces round

General description

A flowing trailround without great increases. Shady forests at Monte Tramontana, closed forest roads, short single trails, green meadows in the valley basin and sunny slopes at Monte Sole.

This 20 km-long tour is characterized by its great variety, which you can only find in Val Venosta Valley. The tour starts in Laces and takes you to Tiss and Coldrano along the slopes of Monte Sole. Pass by Coldrano Castle, continue to the Tschanderle hamlet and cross the river. The tour then takes you through the village of Vezzano and back to Coldrano where you continue through orchards until you reach the Holzbrugg bridge. Take the forest road and then the single trail along Monte Tramontana to the weather cross above Morter. Cross the village of Morter and go towards Val Martello until you reach the junction for Montani Castle.

In 2002, the Trans Alp race led along this irrigation channel path until the so-called Magrin Böden. You then continue on the "Südtirol Cup" route until the ice rink and the asphalt road. Cross the recreation area in Laces and return to your starting point.

Length 20.344 km
Difficulty easy
Difference in height uphill 729 hm
Difference in height downhill 729 hm
Difference in height 854 m
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