Church of S. John

General description

This very early church stands in the south-east part of the village, in the midst of green meadows. The church was built in the Romanesque style by the von Tschengels as their proprietary church at the end of the 13th century; it then benefited from the pastoral care of clerics from Tschengls. The last member of the Tschengls died in 1421. Inside the church John the Evangelist and John the Baptist are revered as patron saints. In the course of time the church was adapted to contemporary architectural styles and enriched with devotional pictures. Particular sights worth seeing are:

  • Romanesque and Gothic frescoes
  • the gallery from c. 1600
  • the wooden baroque ceiling and pews
  • a grave-stone from the Counts of Tschengels
  • the frescoes uncovered in the last century
  • two frescoes by Karl Plattner (1948)

The last constructional measure was the reroofing with small shingles in 2002.


For visits, contact the Prad am Stilfserjoch tourist office.

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