Castel Goldrain

General description

Coldrano Castle was once the ancestral seat home of Count Hendl and nowadays an educational center. The architectural history of the castle is unable to trace a precise date of its inauguration; however, it is assumed that the palace was built after 1323. Coldrano Castle is a three-wing building with an inner courtyard, which is surrounded by an almost rectangular shaped wall and by rounded corner towers.

Description to arrive at destination

Along the state road until Coldrano in the Venosta Valley.

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South Tyrolean Knight's Games
South Tyrolean Knights’ Games
The historic castles and monasteries around the village of Schluderns/Sluderno in the Upper Venosta Valley – such as the Churburg, Lichtenberg, Fürstenburg castles and the Marienberg Abbey – form the ideal backdrop for the spectacular show of the South Tyrolean Knights’ Games (Südtiroler Ritterspiele). This is truly special event for the entire family.
Local history and culture in Venosta Valley
The cultural region of Venosta Valley in South Tyrol is characterized by its lively customs, traditions and also sense of innovation; from the Romanesque “Stairways to Heaven” project through all periods of art up to contemporary architecture, art, theater and music.
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